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Legal and Ethical Aspects of Family Planning

University of the Philippines, College of Medicine University of the Philippines

“Ethics, Justice & Women’s Reproductive & Sexual Health:  Issues in Family Planning”
By Atty. Carolina S. Ruiz-Austria
Senior Lecturer, UP College of Law

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the session, students shall have:

1. Familiarity with the basic links between law, medicine and ethics on the issue of Women’s Reproductive Health

2. Familiarity with Emerging International Human Rights and Women’s Human Rights Frameworks on Reproductive and Sexual Health

3. Familiarity with applicable International and National Laws that give basis for family planning as a legal entitlement and as a human right

4. Discussed the specific and common violations on a person’s rights when there is selective or inadequate access to all family planning methods

5. Reflected on the social role and ethical responsibilities taken on by physicians in the provision of family planning counseling and service

Advance Preparation/ Materials Needed:

1. Prepare all the references and training materials in relation to the
2. Read relevant materials/references in advance so you can easily refer the participants to the relevant sections during the discussions

2.1 Laws (Selected 1987 Constitution Provisions)

1987 Philippine Constitution

Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), []

General Recommendation No. 24 [Available at: CEDAW GR24]

2.2 Aguiling-Pangalangan, E. Reproductive, Health, Rights and their Progeny: Norms in Case and Statute Law, Ch II

Cook, Rebecca J., Human Rights Law and Safe Motherhood (1998) 5 European Journal of Health Law 357-375, [Available for download at:  EJHealth Law]

FIGO International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Committee for the Ethical Aspects. of Human Reproduction and Women’s Health, Ethical Guidelines [PDF Available for download at: FIGO]


Course Description

Persons and Family Relations is a (4) four unit course and a bar subject. It covers the preliminary titles of the Civil Code, the Family Code as well as supplementary laws on marriage, children and the family. This course syllabus integrates components of the UNIFEM-LEGIS CURRENTS Project, which incorporates a framework and discussions of Women’s Human Rights.

Main References

A. Tolentino, Civil Code of the Philippines-Commentaries and Jurisprudence

A. Sempio-Dy, Handbook on the Family Code of the Philippines (Cases and Comments)

New Civil Code of the Philippines (NCC), Articles 1-51; Articles 254-257; 305-310; 356-396; 407-413 (Republic Act No. 386)

Family Code of the Philippines (FC) (Executive Order 209)

Supplementary Materials

Marriage Law (Act 3613)

Civil Registry Law (Act No. 3753)

Inter-Country Adoption Act of 1995 (Republic Act No.8043)

Domestic Adoption Act of 1998 (Republic Act No.8552)

Child Youth and Welfare Code (P.D. 603)

Code of Muslim Personal Laws (P.D. 1083)

Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)


Part1: Course Overview and Introduction to the Civil Code and Preliminary Title

Part 2: Introduction to the Family Code

Part 3: General Provisions: Persons, Civil Personality & Citizenship and Domicile

Part 4: Marriage, Formal and Essential Requisites

Part 5: Rights & Obligations Between Husbands & Wives

Part 6: Void & Voidable Marriages and Legal Separation

Mid-Term Exam: August 23, 2008

Part 7: Support, Parental Authority, Emancipation and Age of Majority

Part 8: Paternity and Filiation, Adoption, Summary & Judicial Provisions

Part 9: Review of Key Provisions

Final Examination Week: October 13-21


Class attendance is mandatory and will consist of 15 % of the final grade. Class Participation (Graded Recitation is 20 % and quizzes, 15 % of the final grade respectively. Two exams shall be given comprising 20% for the Mid Term Examination and 30% for the Final Exams. Students who miss three or more quizzes shall get an automatic 5 for the missed quizzes. No make-up quizzes will be given. A smoke-up list shall be made available after the mid-term examination in order to advise students with failing marks to drop the course on or before the deadline on September 8, 2008.


Part 1: Course Overview and Introduction to the Civil Code and Preliminary Title

(1) The Concept of Civil Law, Influences of Philippine Civil Law

(2) The Effect and Application of Laws (Art.1-18, NCC)

(3) Human Relations (Art.19-36, NCC)

Part 2: Introduction to the Family Code

(4) Laws on the Family and Marriage & the concept of “Family”

(5) Women’s Status and Equality in Marriage and the Family : CEDAW, Art.16

Part 3: Persons, Civil Personality & Citizenship and Domicile

(6) Persons, Civil Personality, Natural & Juridical Persons

(7) Citizenship & Domicile

Part 4: Marriage, Formal and Essential Requisites

(8) Marriage, Definition

(9) Requisites of Marriage : Formal and Essential Requisites

(10)Valid Marriage License ; Valid Marriage Ceremony

Part 5: Rights & Obligations Between Husbands & Wives

(11) Obligations between the Husband and Wife

(12) The Family Home & Property Relations

(a) Marriage Settlements, Donations

(b) Absolute Community & Conjugal Partnership

(c) Separation of Property and Property Relations of Unions

without Marriage

(d) The Family Home

Part 6: Void & Voidable Marriages and Legal Separation

(13) Lack of Essential and Formal Requisites

(14) Psychological Incapacity

(15) Incestuous Marriages and Marriages Void for reasons of Public Policy;

Presumptive Death

(16) Deficiency in Consent; Prohibition on Collusion

(17) Legal Separation

Mid-Term Exam: August 7, 2008

Part 7: The Family/Family Relations; Support, Parental Authority, Emancipation and Age of Majority

(18) The Family & Family Relations

(19) Support, Definition, Who are Entitled to Support

(20) Amount, Liability, How to Fulfill; Non-Levy of Support

(21) Support Pendente Lite; Reimbursement and Contractual Support

(22) Parental Authority, Definition and Character of Responsibility;

Rights and Duties

(23) Civil Liability for Damages ; Child’s Property

(24) Loss of Parental Authority and Substitute Parental Authority;

Disciplinary Measures

(25) Emancipation

Part 8: Paternity and Filiation, Adoption, Summary & Judicial Provisions

(26) Concept of Legitimacy: Legitimated Children; Extension of Legitimacy by

Legal Fiction and Adopted Children

(27) Action to Claim Legitimacy

(28) Adoption

(29) Summary Judicial Proceedings

Part 9: Review of Key Provisions

Final Examination Week: October 13-21

View Complete Syllabus here (Last Updated:April 2009)  syllabusCSRUIZA

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Course Description

The course is an introductory course on feminist legal theory, tracing the roots of early feminist legal theory to the current and emerging multi-disciplinary explorations in post modern feminist legal theory as well as in relation to gender studies, queer theory state theory; to alternative conceptions of sexual morality and feminist ethical paradigms. Applications to both local/international engagements in law by women’s movements are incorporated and shall be emphasized as cases for study/analysis.


Assigned readings shall mostly be academic and scholarly articles (mostly from law journals and books). References shall also be made to local laws, foreign laws and international conventions plus both local and international jurisprudence. additional references may include news items and coverage of current issues in gender, sexuality and women’s rights. Readings shall be made available at the Reserved Section of the Law Library. Films shall also be viewed on selected class days for discussion. The highlighted titles are required readings under each heading and the additional readings are recommended readings. Additional

readings and cases may be assigned during the term.

Requirements: Assigned comments shall be graded as part of class participation. There will be no midterm examinations and no final exams. A 2500 word final paper/essay with footnotes/references at the end of the semester is required. The topic shall be subject to approval before the last day of dropping courses which is February 20. The break down for the computation of grades is as follows: (1) Attendance 15 %; (2) Class Participation (Recitation/Group Work) 35%; Final Paper (2500 word limit), 50 %


Part I. An Overview of Feminist Legal Theory (November 7-December 5)

(1) Gender and Law Workshop

(2) Situating Feminist Legal Theory

Part II. Women’s Human Rights (December 10-12)

(1) Background: Feminist Engagements of Human Rights

(2) Women’s Political Participation

(3) Women’s Economic Empowerment

(4) Reproductive Health

Part III. Gender & Sexuality (January 2-30)

(1) Sexual Rights, Queer Theory and Politics

(2) Sex and Gender in Family Law

(3) State Regulation of Sexualities and Sexual identities

Part IV. Critiques of Liberal Feminism (February 4-27)

(1) The Limits of Liberal Feminism

(2) Feminist Legal Methods

Part V. Integration Period: Focus on Selected Issues (March 4-20)

(1) Migration and Trafficking Debates

(2) Sex Work and Sexual Exploitation Debates

a. Violence Against Women

b. Pornography

c. Prostitution

(3) Gay Marriage

Download the complete Gender & Law Syllabus here:



Part I (1)

1. Maxine Sheets-Johnstone, “Corporeal Archetypes: Sex and Aggression,” The Roots of Power, Animate Form and Gendered Bodies, Open Court Publishing Co., (Chicago IL: 1994), p. 117-162

2. Rape: On Coercion and Consent, Chapter 9, Feminism Unbound, Catherine MacKinnon

3. Statutory Rape: A Feminist Critique of Rights Analysis, Frances Olsen, Texas Law Rev. (1984)

4. Susan Brownmiller, Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape, Introduction and Chapter 2, Simon and Shuster, (New York: 1975) pp.1-22

5. Margaret Andersen, “The Social Construction of Gender,” Chapter 2, Thinking About Women: Sociological Perspectives on Sex and Gender, Mac Millan Publishing Co. (New York: 1993), pp.21-35

6. Mean Girls: The New York Times slips up on sexual math, Jordan Ellenberg, Slate Magazine, August 13, 2007 Available at:

Part I (2-A)

7. Carol Smart, “Feminism and the Power of Law,” excerpt from book of the same title (1989) from Women and Law, pp.291-302

8. Catherine MacKinnon, “Law in the Everyday Life of Women,” Women’s Lives, Men’s Laws, Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press, (2005)

9. Representations of Gender Inequality and Women’s Issues in Philippine Feminist Discourses, Asia Journal of Women’s Studies, Vol. II, No. 2, 2005, Carolyn I. Sobritchea

10. Lucinda M. Finley, “Breaking Women’s Silence in Law: The Dilemma of the Gendered Nature of Legal Reasoning,” The Notre Dame Law Review Vol. 64, Issue No. 5(1989)

11. Elizabeth Schneider and Nadine Taub, “Perspectives on Women’s Subordination and the Role of Law” In The Politics of Law, ed. DKairys, pp. 328–55. New York: Pantheon (1982)

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13. Rifkin Janet, “Toward a Theory of Law and Patriarchy” Harv. Women’s Law J. 3:83–95 (1980)

Part I (2B)

14. Feminism, Marxism, Method and the State, Toward Feminist Jurisprudence: Toward a Feminist Theory of the State, Catherine MacKinnon, Cambridge, MA: Harv. Univ.Press (1989)

15. Gender, Nation, Colonialism: Lessons from the Philippines, Delia D. Aguilar, Women, Gender and Development, Zed Books (1995)

16. Lynne A. Haney, “Feminist State Theory: Applications to Jurisprudence,” Criminology, and the Welfare State. Annual Review of Sociology, 2000.

Part II (1)

17. Hilary Charlseworth and Christine Chinkin, Human Rights, Chapter 7, The Boundaries of International Law-A Feminist Analysis, Macnchester University Press, (2000)

Part II (2)

18. Women in Contemporary Philippine Local Politics, Proserpina D. Tapales Ph.D., Professor of Public Administration, University of the Philippines, Lecture delivered in the UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies Colloquium Series, October 11,2005

19. Verta Taylor and Nancy Whittier, The New Feminist Movements, Readings in Feminist Theory, pp. 533-538

Part II (3)

20. Gender Mainstreaming Trade and Development Policies, Gigi Francisco, Seeking Accountability on Women’s Human Rights, Women Debate the UN Millenium Development Goals, Women’s Internaional Coalition for Economic Justice, NYC (2004) p. 21

21. Leo Battad, The Labor Code Revisited: Prospects for Labor Law Reforms toward Women’s Economic Empowerment, A Gender Review of Selected Economic Laws in the Philippines, CEDAW UP Center for

Women’s Studies (2006) pp. 17-84

Part II (4)

22. Rebecca Cook, Bernard Dickens and Mahmoud Fathalla, Reproductive Health and Human Rights, Oxford University Press (Oxford: 2003), Part I, pp. 3-31; Part I (5) pp. 95-144

23. Rebecca J. Cook and Bernard M. Dickens, “Human Rights Dynamics of Abortion Law Reform,”Human Rights Quarterly, 25 Johns Hopkins University Press, (2003)

24. Alice Miller and Carole S. Vance, Sexuality, Human Rights and Health, Health and Human Rights, Vol. 7, No. 2 (2006)

25. Unintended Pregnancy and Induced Abortion in the Philippines: causes and Conzequences, Guttmacher Institute (2005)

26. Sonia Corrêa, From Reproductive Health to Human Rights, Achievements and Future Challenges,Harvard School of Public Health

Part III (1)

27. The Invention of Heterosexuality, Socialist Review Vol, 20 No. 1 (Jan-Feb 1990), Jonathan Ned Katz

28. Questions of Visibility, In Plainspeak, Issue No. 2, Oishik Sircar (2008)

29. Ignacio Saiz, Bracketing Sexuality: Human Rights and Sexual Orientation-A Decade of Development and Denial at the UN, Health and Human Rights, Vol. 7, No. 2 (2004)

30. God, Family and Country, The Philippine Debate on the Legalization of Divorce, Manuel Alberto Colayco, III, Ateneo Law Journal Vol 46, Issue No. 1 2001

Part III (3)

31. “When Doctors Torture: The Anus and the State in Egypt and Beyond,” Health and Human Rights, Vol. 7, No. 2 (2004), Scott Long, pp. 115-140

32. “Toward a Third-Wave Feminist Legal Theory: Young Women, Pornography and the Praxis of Pleasure,” School of Law, Michigan Journal of Gender & Law, Vol. 14, 2007, Bridget J. Crawford University of Pennsylvania Law School, Public Law Working Paper No. 06-31

Part IV (1)

33. West, R. 1998. Universalism, Liberal Theory and the Problem of Gay Marriage. Florida State University Law Review

34. Not your Average Sex Story: Critical Issues in Recent Human Rights Reporting Related to Sexuality, Health and Human Rights, Vol.7, No. 2, Sexuality Human Rights and Health, Cynthia Rothschild (2004) pp.165-177

Part IV (2A)

35. Donna Coker, Crime Control and Feminist Law Reform in Domestic Violence Law: A Critical Review, Buffalo Criminal Law Rev. Vol 4, (2001) pp. 801-860

36. John Pratt, Sex Crime and the New Punitiveness, Institute of Criminology, Victoria University, New Zealand (1999)

Part IV (2B)

37. Luisa Cabal, Monica Roa and Lilian Sepulveda Olivia, “What Role can International Litigation Play in the Promotion and Advancement of Reproductive Rights in Latin America?”, Health and Human Rights: An International Journal, Vol.7, No.1, (Boston: Harvard School of Public Health, 2004)

Part V (1)

38. Conflicts & Interests: Trafficking in Women and the Policies on Migration and Trafficking in the Philippines,” Carolina S. Ruiz Austria, Global Sex Trafficking, Edited by Karen Beeks and Delia Amir, Littlefield Publishers, U.S.A. 2005.

39. Oishik Sircar, “On the Move,” Introduction to InfoChange AGENDA, Issue no. 12 (2008)

40. Trafficking in Women in Canada: A Critical Analysis of the Legal Framework Governing Immigrant Live-in Caregivers and Mail-Order Brides, Faculty of Law Université Laval Québec City, Quebec CIDA Langevin L. and Belleau M.C., 2000

Part V (2A)

41. A. Miller. “Sexuality, violence against women, and human rights: women make demands and ladies get protection.” (2004) 7(2) Health and Human Rights 16–47.

42. Chapter 4, Battered Women’s Syndrome, The Implicit Relation of Psychology and Law, Women and Syndrome Evidence, Fona E. Raitt and Suzanne Zeedyk, Routledge (Philadelphia & London, 2000)

43. The Tragedy of Victimization Rhetoric: Resurrecting the “Native” Subject in International/Post-Colonial Feminist Legal Politics in Harvard Human Rights Journal, Vol.15, Ratna Kapur. Spring 2002

Part V (2B)

44. “Subversive Desire: The Thin Line between Pornography andErotica in Filipino Women’s Sexuality and Experience,” Women on Women’s Issues, Dr. Sylvia Estrada Claudio Monograph, Issue Vol. 1, Freely Speaking: No. 1 & 2 (Manila: Womenlead Foundation, Inc. November 9, 2004)

45. Pornified and Female Chauvenist Pigs (The Book Club Discussion on Slate Magazine: 6 entries by Laura Kipnis, Wendy Shalit and Meghan O’Rourke) Available at: